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Ascomp is a dedicated software house specialising in business solutions.Since past ten years Ascomp has been rendering its services across the industries and launched its key product Reckoner in 1997 that integrates various branches of an enterprise. The special area of focus being ....

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Reckoner is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that gives your company efficient supply chain management at every level of your operation. It's an information technology system that integrates data captured at all different stages and provides managers a clear, complete...
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30th June 2014

Foraying into Artificial Intelligence for ERP. Helps Industry to cut down manual intervention.


Time Matters

Reckoner3 ERP is now a 250000 Man Hours Product


12th June 2014

Launching soon "Reckoner Mobility", ERP on Mobile.


Multilingual ERP

Reckoner3 ERP in Multilanguage is ready for multinational clients. With low cost Transformation is feasible.


By putting all of your content into nested categories you can give users and search engines access to everything using a menu.


Software project management is the art and science of planning and leading software projects. It is a sub-discipline of project managementin which software projects are planned, implemented, monitored and controlled.

To manage new development efforts, companies applied the established project management methods, but project schedules slipped during test runs, especially when confusion occurred in the gray zone between the user specifications and the delivered software. To be able to avoid these problems, software project management methods focused on matching user requirements to delivered products, in a method known now as thewaterfall model.

As the industry has matured, analysis of software project management success has shown that the following are the most common causes:-

  1. Realistic or Articulated project goals

  2. Accurate estimates of needed resources

  3. Accurately defined system requirements

  4. Timely reporting of the project's status

  5. Calculated risks

  6. Greater communication among customers, developers, and users

  7. Use of mature technology

  8. Ability to handle the project's complexity

  9. Fine tuned development practices

  10. Efficient project management

  11. Commercial pressures

The first three items in the list above show the difficulties articulating the needs of the client in such a way that proper resources can deliver the proper project goals. Specific software project managementtools are useful and often necessary, but the true art in software project management is applying the correct method and then using tools to support the method. Without a method, tools are worthless. Today software project management methods are still evolving, but the current trend leads away from the waterfall model to a more cyclic project delivery model.

Dedicated software house specialising in business solutions since past seventeen years. Ascomp has been rendering its services across the industries and launched its key product Reckoner in 1997 that integrates various branches of an enterprise. The special area of focus being medium and large size companies, at the same time it ext.

The experience of professionals from systems and management consultancy firm has ensured that the package is extremely user friendly and is in absolute compliance with accepted practices and legal requirements.

Vision And Goals:

The vision of Company is to create a global corporation with world class business solution and related services. The focus has not only been on addressing the current needs of an organisation but providing opportunities for continually improving and refining the business process.

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