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The eReckoner Kiosks provide an integrated e-business solution that enables the organization to manage its business processes very effectively at different locations while providing centralised monitoring and control.
eReckoner Kiosks implement the feature of supply-chain integration of an organisation in an incredibly effective manner. Whereas e- Reckoner integrates the various departments within an organisation, the efficient communication between ‘offsite’ locations such as Plants, Warehouses, Retail Stores etc. is established by the Reckoner Kiosks. Along with this, it also enhances the company’s interaction with its business associates.

The kiosks have been designed keeping in view the degree of access that these users need to be given. For example, the customers of a company need information only regarding the quotation sent to the company followed by the status of the orders placed by them. So, providing access to the entire functionality of e-Reckoner would be farcical. 

Thus, the various Kiosks have been defined keeping in view the different functionality requirement and the amount of access that needs to be given to the different users. For using kiosks no application or database is installed on the user machines. The user just needs to log on to the site using Internet Explorer 5.0 or above and access the information he is authorised to view. 

Customers, Distributors, Resellers & Vendors
  can register themselves with the organisationand become part of e-Reckoner. Each may then log on to e-Reckoner with his Unique Login ID. Whereas eReckoner is meant for internal users, the kiosks basically cater to the external users. 

The addition of the Kiosks now provides the organisation with a complete ERP II and Supply Chain functionality which would help the organization integrate its different locations completely onto a single system. 

Procurement process requires availability of consolidated inventory information of different sales locations along with the analysis of sales patterns and projections for the sale of different products. Procurement is both a centralised and local function. The products, prices and vendors are registered centrally. but deliveries could be made at local retail locations. The Kiosks would enable all the retail locations and Branches to see the product lists, price lists, vendor lists, approved rate contracts, invoices due etc. online and take decisions about local purchasing. On the other hand HO can monitor available inventory at different locations, pending purchase orders (Both for HO as well as retail outlets), cleared/ pending invoices of vendors and payment due position. This would help the organisation
  in better decision making, availability of right material at different locations, better negotiation with vendors due to consolidatedinformation, overall vendor performance rating, correct outstanding position etc.The retail outlets, Branches and Depots are involved in sales of goods to the customers by means of receiving orders (in case of Branches), generating invoices for sold products, collecting cash and maintaining the inventory positions. All this can be done effectively through the respective Kiosks. The collected cash is deposited in the organisation’s bank account at different locations, which is maintained centrally. These Branches, Depots etc. can also view information from the centralised application with respect to product catalogues, price lists, effective promotion schemes, customers accounts and status, pending procurements or stock transfers etc. At the same time, the HO can keep track of information about sales made during a particular period, amount of cash collected, net stock position for each of the location for better monitoring, control and planning. 

The Kiosks also provide integration with the customers, as customers will be able to see the product catalogue, price list and availability of materials on-line as well as applicable prices for their region.
eReckoner Kiosks consist of:

  • Customer Kiosk – This is for the customers to raise Inquiries place orders, view the despatch status of the goods and the invoice.
  • Supplier Kiosk – The Supplier can view the Request for Quotations, place Quotations for them and receive orders against these quotations.
  • Branch Kiosk - The Branch can enter orders received from customers, and do payment collection and receivable adjustments for customers online.
  • Plant Kiosk - Plant can view the Dispatch Advices and generate the invoice and the Financial Voucher.
  • Stores Kiosk - The Stores Kiosk generates Material Issue, GRIN, Gate Entry.
  • Depot Kiosk – The Depot Kiosk encompasses both the Branch Kiosk as well as the Plant Kiosk functionalities
  • Retail Kiosk- A retail outlet can enter its daily sales and the usage of materials the details of which will be visible to the Main Office.

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